Monday, December 3, 2012

Today was a long day at Smilow (7:30am-4:30pm). Today I had a lumbar puncture with intrathecal chemo, bone marrow aspiration and 2 rounds of IV chemo. Overall, everything went good. I am tired now, but still feel good. No nausea or vomiting (and I hope to keep it that way!). I do not have to go back till Thursday for lab work, so I have a couple of days off. I am hoping to get some schoolwork done. Tonight I was able to Skype my case presentation to my seminar class. It was nice to see everyone and to be part of class!

The weekend was nice and quiet. Subie came home which was exciting. She is back to running the house. It will be nice to have her home with me during the weekdays. Kelly and I got some serious studying done on Sunday. It truly felt like a “normal” weekend. Notebooks, whiteboards and a little Nora Jones on Pandora J
While I did not get all of the news I would have liked to receive today, I have to look on the positive note. The blasts (aka: bad cells) in my bone marrow have decreased since I started treatment. I was being overly optimistic that they would be much less. But like my APRN, family and friends say they are decreased after just one round of treatment. I had another treatment today so hopefully they will continue to decrease. My dad just told me “Slow and steady wins the race”. Well as much as I would have liked the number to be less, I am happy it decreased and I will continue to go on one step @ a time.
Well, I am off to bed early tonight. I am beat after all of those crazy chemo medications. Thank you again for all of the thoughts, prayers, and support. I am surrounded by many amazing people J

Till next time…KMS


  1. I will continue to pray for your numbers to drop!
    I bet it felt good to have a litle bit of "normal" again. Skype is a wonderful thing!How exactly did we get by without computers?LOL.
    Love ya Katy O'Grady!!

  2. Hi Katelyn
    Stay positive! Your Dad is a smart man. Listen to him. Remember the race against the turtle and the hare. The turtle won! Remember you have many people praying for your numbers to go down and your not in this fight alone. You're an insipration to all of us!
    Take care,
    Jen Centopanti

  3. Katelyn,
    There are not enough words to tell you how much I love you and how proud I am to have you as my daughter. Not only are you my daughter you are my best friend. You are an amazing woman both inside and out. We have had many good times and bad times that we have had to journey through. Throughout those times we have stuck together and supported each other. As you have begun this ALL journey know it is my turn to stand by you and protect you. Your strength and determination is an inspiration to all of us.
    I love you,