Saturday, August 9, 2014

About one year ago I started maintenance. I remember always counting down to “when I'm on maintenance”. Now it's talking about “when I'm done”. Being on maintenance hasn't been much easier than my other phases. Its still been an uphill battle. I've had one trip to smilow with neutropenic fever and a few days of tears. While I feel like cancer has changed me into a better person, the journey hasn't been easy. 

To reflect on the past year is crazy. This past year I have accomplished quite a bit. I completed clinical, passed my boards and began working 40+ hours as an APRN (hence why I am not blogging much). Another big accomplishment was kicking my braces to the curb. I always said I would graduate, but I really never thought I would get out of braces during active treatment. And to think…I have much more ahead of me! 

I don’t count down to “when I am done” because I will never really be “done”. My life has been changed forever.  Instead, I continue to take things in stride and take everything one step @ a time. 

Till next time…KMS