Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The past couple of days have been pretty uneventful. I have been hanging around the house with Subie doing school work. I continue to feel good, just noticing I am more tired.

Tonight, 10 years after I gave my parents approximately 20 gray hairs each I had to remove my belly button ring per MD orders. One would think “She still has one of those!?” Yes, yes I do. It has just always been there. I never changed the ring; it was just a part of me. I got my belly button pierced on my 15th birthday; the day I thought I might give my dad his first of many heart attacks. It was something every girl who danced got. You had to have your nails done and belly button pierced. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I somehow convinced my parents that is was necessary to my survival and they caved! I now look down at my belly button and laugh. I remember telling them how necessary it was for me to have it, carrying on and on. After weeks (of course I started in early J) of nonsense all but 10 years ago, it is gone and we laugh. Now I send them a picture of the ring that once was. It is just one of the many things I will have to deal with on this crazy journey which we have embarked upon. A simple one, but oddly enough important to me to write about.

Well I am of to bed, I have a date with Smilow tomorrow.

Till next time…KMS


  1. I felt the same way when I took my industrial piercing out before my surgery 2 yrs ago. I had it for 8 years and I was sad to let it go. My parents weren't sad to see it go either. Glad to hear you are feeling okay.

  2. Katelyn-

    I just read your blog and was inspired. You are such an amazing person with such a great spirit. I miss seeing you every week and look forward to hopefully seeing you soon. Much love and positive thoughts!

  3. katelyn i am so sorry you have to go through is wonderful news that your numbers are decreasing, i am sure that brings relief to not only yourself but to those who care about you. If you have only half of your dads determination to beat me at corn hole,lol :)i know you will rise above this. keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, robin lesinski

  4. Hi Katelyn! I'm happy you are doing well and happy I get to see how you are doing with the blog site..Hope to see you soon! Stay positive and wonderful!
    Miss seeing you every Thursday!
    Johan from Wallingford Family