Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 6: SET FREE!

I was discharged home today! I am happy to be in my own environment. I sent Chris out to fill my prescriptions and now I feel like a 90 year old with all of these medications. I am going to have to get used to it as it will be my new “normal”. (I laugh because I am now the proud owner of an am/pm pill box J) Of course the CVS trip could not be uneventful. Poor Chris spent an hour there and then I still had to call. But, thank goodness I have an amazing woman on my team to help problem solve! We now have a solution and I can rest easy.
Being in the hospital was definitely a unique experience. I think it honestly will change how I practice nursing.  As my mom told me when I got diagnosed, “You will be a changed person”. I am beginning to believe her more and more every day.
All in all I am home, have my medications and I can relax and catch up on the DVR with Chris tonight. I am hoping to have a relaxing weekend at home as I have a big day on Monday.

P.S:  I think I enabled commenting from any email address (not specifically Gmail). Let me know if it worked!

Till next time…KMS


  1. So glad you are home now! I bet Subie was happy to see you too!

    I'd be happy to bring you dinner this week-end. Let me know!

    Love, Lee Ann

  2. Hi Katelyn,
    So happy you busted out of there. Relax and have some quiet time with your hubby. Talk to you soon.

  3. Yay, free!! Glad you are back in your owm environment with Chris. Enjoy your weekend, I love you Katy O'Grady!
    Being a patient most definitely changes the way you practice nursing; I found that it made me more aware of the littlt things my patients may need; like being able to reach their phone without standing on their head! LOL.
    Hope to be able to visit soon!

  4. Fantastic news~! We will continue to pray for you. DVR, what an amazing creation that was! Please let us know if you need anything. Keep the amazing attitude :0)


  5. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!Home...there is no place like home!!!LOVE YOU!!!


  6. Hi Katelyn I just found out that you were writing a blog when I was at work last night. Please know the my thoughts and prays are with you. You are such a STRONG woman and I am amazed by your strength. I know you will fight and beat this thing. STAY STRONG STAY POSITIVE. I'm happy to know that your husband and family are there for you. Hope your having a good weekend with your husband. Good Luck with your big day tomorrow I hope everything goes well for you. BTW if you want me to shave my head with you let me know we can rock the bald thing together. I would even give you the curls off my own head if I it was possible. Please let me know if there is anyhting I can do for you. Jennifer Centopanti

  7. Katelyn, Darryl and I are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong!

    Darryl and Alison Lane

  8. Home sweet home!!!! Keep up that great spirit and attitude :-). Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Erin Morelli