Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tomorrow marks the eighth month of treatment. Where did 8 months go? Well for me, I know many long days were spent at Smilow. As for my A-team, many miles have been spent on the road. No matter where the time was spent, it sure has gone by quickly. Today was my last day of delayed intensification. Once my counts get the memo and come up, I’ll start maintenance. It’s funny to look back to the beginning and think, "when I'm on maintenance”, and here I am. I can promise you it hasn't been an easy journey, and I still laugh and say it doesn't feel real. I can't possibly have cancer. As I tell my friend, we’ll wake up and say wow, Katelyn handled that really well. While it doesn't feel real I have daily reminders of what I have gone through. I told Chris just the other day that no one told me I would have this much neuropathy and he looked at me and said, “would it have changed your mind to get treated?” As if that would have ever been an option. I’m too damn stubborn to let cancer win. While it’s easy to watch me cruise around in my braces, it’s definitely not how I imagined I would be starting maintenance. Cancer has taught me a lot, that’s for sure. I’ve looked fear in the eyes and overcome. Every day I see myself getting stronger. While it never happens as quickly as I would like, I continue to make strides. Sometimes it's just all in my head, so everyone says. I say it's just my personality and that I put a lot of thought into everything I do. I have thought long and hard over the past 8 months, but one thing I’ve never asked myself is “why me”, because I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Cancer may not always be easy, but it teaches you some valuable lessons, strengthens some important relationships, and for this alone, I wouldn't change my diagnosis for anything.

Till next time…KMS