Tuesday, March 19, 2013

No one promised me this would be easy right?! Well, the past couple weeks haven’t been. I have been neutropenic (aka can’t fight any infection) for a week or so now. According to my dad I am running on a ¼ of a tank. Literally, that is what it feels like. I still am doing my school work, making dinner and exercising, but everything just makes me feel tired. Some of it is the fact that my labs are UGLY, but the other part is the #1 side effect of all these medications is fatigue. In addition to being tired, I have had a busy treatment schedule. I have been going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the past couple of weeks. As of tomorrow I will be done consolidation. I cannot believe it- - another phase down! J I will have to wait for my labs to recover and then I can start interm maintenance. While I am excited to move onto the next phase, I still continue to take it one step @ a time.

Till next time…KMS

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I am moving right along with treatment, Friday was day 57. Believe it or not I am almost done consolidation. I will be moving onto interm maintenance. On Friday my APRN gave me the paths for the rest of the phases. I quickly looked at them, but honestly it is pretty overwhelming. I will continue to take it one step @ a time as it is much easier.

I have been keeping very busy with school. I had a test last week and another this week. It is nice to be busy. While I am keeping busy with the course work, I wish I was able to go to work or clinical. Some days I laugh because I remember going non-stop for the past couple years. Now I have a different routine. Soon enough I will be back into my old routine. I much prefer to be the provider and not the patient.
Today I was inducted into the Sigma Theta Tau International honor society. I guess hard work really does pay off J While I usually go from home to Smilow, today I was able to make the outing to go to the induction ceremony. The next big outing is graduation. The countdown is on- -only two more months! Today made that light at the end of the tunnel a little bit brighter.

Till next time…KMS