Thursday, May 23, 2013

Here we go again! On to another phase- -delayed intensification. Can you keep up?! We’re on a roll here. It’s going to be a busy 64 days, something that seems overwhelming on paper. But all I keep telling myself is, “I’ve already gotten every single one of these medications before”. This phase takes the name literally- - intense that is. It’s every intense medication that I’ve received over the past six months rolled up into one last wallop, just to make sure that the cancer which invaded my body is gone for good.  

I’ve been catching up on some much needed reading. After graduating, I began to climb the walls so everyone wants to give me a project J. Not working was much more manageable when I was busy writing papers and studying for exams. So now I have to find other ways to keep myself busy. Smilow is helping with that next week….I’ll be there four out of five days. Today was a long day too…I put in some 9a-6p hours! In time I’ll get to work again, I just have to keep up my exercises and eating.
One step @ a time…Rome wasn’t built overnight, even though in my book it would have been!

Till next time…KMS

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy graduation day! (and mother’s day of course) I made itJ If this has taught me anything, it has taught me that determination and hard work pays off. I achieved my goal- -I walked across that stage and graduated alongside my fellow classmates! It has been a long journey with a big pay off. I am happy to be done with late night studying, 20 pages papers and endless exams. Although I am sure after about a month I’ll be climbing the walls. I’ll keep myself busy with studying for the boards and a few good books. Of course I didn’t achieve this goal alone, I am thankful to be surrounded by some pretty amazing people. I cannot thank Chris, my parents, some good friends, and family enough for their support through school. We made it J

Here’s a sneak peek picture- - more to come.
Till next time…KMS

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I know I said this about March…but where did April go?! I cannot believe it is May! And I am happy to say April is gone. April was a rough month. I gave a couple weeks plus some days to nausea. Which I can tell you first hand is awful. The medications just made me sleepy and didn’t make me feel any better. I am happy to say I am feeling better. A little ginger is always helpful too! Of course while I had nausea I lost weight so I am back to eating myself out of house and home. Eating has become my full time job! Some would be jealous of my diet…ice cream, hot pockets, ellios pizza and naked fruit smoothies. Those are a few of my favorites.

On top of the nausea, the medications I receive have caused me to have some difficulty walking and doing some things like going up and down stairs. I know I will re-gain my skills but this has definitely been a big change for me. God gives you what you can handle, for some reason he is giving me yet another challenge. Of course I am all over it with vengeance. I have everyone on my team helping me get over this bump in the road.
Yesterday I had my last day of chemo for interm maintenance. I have a two week break and then I start delayed intensification. One step closer to maintenance!
I will have some free time on my hands soon. I graduate this coming Sunday! I might not be able to run across that stage but I will walk slowly and take it all in.

Till next time…KMS