Friday, February 1, 2013

Today was day 29 of consolidation. I now have two weeks off from treatment. This hiatus is specifically designed to let my labs recover. My labs are definitely not pretty right now (I know, I know I asked for this). Today was a very long day much thanks to Epic go-live. All my Yale friends know exactly what I am talking about. While long, it is over now and I am home on the couch watching tv. I am planning on doing some schoolwork and relaxing this weekend. It was a busy week going to radiation every day, but Monday is my last day of radiation! I am very excited J It is going to be a big day! Another milestone in this ALL journey.

Today I watched a You Tube video of a recent flash mob performed at Union Station in New Haven, CT. It is definitely inspirational. Being closer to free is something I am sure every cancer patient seeks. While being in remission is exciting, there is still many days of treatment left. I will continue to take it one step @ a time till I am closer to free. See the link below to watch the video.
Till next time…KMS

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