Friday, January 18, 2013

Just when I was getting used to having no hair, my wigs arrived! Yes, that is wigs – I have two. I told Chris he can choose wife#1 or wife#2. One is extremely similar to my hair (curly) and the other is straight with some curl. I was honestly surprised by both J The person I got my wigs from is out of New Haven. He is a lymphoma survivor and it is his way of giving back. He is truly a special person. He was recommended by the boutique in Smilow, since they do not sell wigs. I contacted him during induction and he came to my room to meet with me. I then met with him at the salon and I was able to look through the book and pick out color. He then went into the city and purchased the wigs. He is definitely good at what he does. So, today I got both my wigs cut and styled. I had my two sidekicks (Kelly and Katie) there to approve. So now I have three options (1. bald, 2. curly or 3. straight), who would have ever thought I would have so many styles to choose from!

Till next time…KMS


  1. Reading this made me smile. So glad that you are able to find the positive in this. I bet you look terrific either with or without hair.


    Lee Ann

  2. Of course you would have 2 different wigs! Depends on the mood you are in for the day. I have 2 styles: nice and frumpy!! So glad you like them :) Keep smiling!